• Image of Nymphus nymphaea
  • Image of Nymphus nymphaea
  • Image of Nymphus nymphaea

This gorgeous pin is the second entry in Pinned Together - my new series of collaborative pins! She's a waterlily fae discovered by the adventurous Hestia, an adventurous cryptologist who is on a global quest to discover the world of dryads and fae!

✨✨✨Every order will include a soon-to-be-revealed print as well!✨✨✨

Nymphus nymphaea is the start of a new project that Andy Bennett (Instagram, Twitter) is working on, exploring the strange, beautiful world of dryads and fae, with a book in the works! Preorder window ends April 10th, and orders will ship in mid-to-late April!

- 1.5" tall
- rubber clutch
- hard enamel gold cloisonné
- limited edition