• Image of Pins for Bebe’s Surgery
  • Image of Pins for Bebe’s Surgery

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Some of you may know this, but a year and a half ago I moved in with my aunt so I could work in NYC. She has two dogs, who I now consider my dogs too. Both of them have needed major medical care in the last 5 months. As of right now, Bebe is currently undergoing a life-saving surgery on her spine. What was at first a limp quickly became a near-paralysis since Saturday. The vet is confident she’ll recover well, but the surgery is very expensive, so I’d like to help out my aunt any way I can.

So in addition to helping her recover, I’m making a pin of Bebe, her Boston Terrier. All profits from this pin will go toward her surgery costs, which could be close to $9,000 in total.

*update* Bebe made it through the surgery safely, and we should be getting her back home tomorrow afternoon!

*update 2* I’m adding a companion pin for Pickle too, because she was feeling left out! If you want to add Pickle to your order or change to her instead of Bebe, just send me an email at thegreatwindmill@gmail.com and we’ll work it out!

Pins are 1” high and should ship in mid-February. I’ll finalize the artwork and post later today.

Thank you for any help you can provide!