• Image of Switch Skins
  • Image of Switch Skins
  • Image of Switch Skins
  • Image of Switch Skins
  • Image of Switch Skins

Are you as excited as I am for the sequels of favorite games that have been announced?? I made decals dedicated to my obsessive collections from Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Zelda and am making them available for everyone!

Patterns available are:
• PokéCurry (light blue and magenta gradient)
• BotW Ingredients (black background)
• AC Garden (teal and pink gradient)
• Pokéberries (bright blue and magenta gradient, not available on Lite)

The Switch version has decals for the Joy-Cons, bumpers, and the controller. The Lite version goes over the front of the system and has a second panel to go on the back as well.

Each skin is printed on high quality vinyl* and has include a link to instructions on how to apply them easily to your Joy-Cons (See below!)

*A note about vinyl adhesive and Joy-Cons:
Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons have a special coating that makes them a bit fragile when it comes to adhesives. Thankfully, my manufacturer has tested their "exclusive 3M vinyl" and say that it will not damage the surface of your Joy-Cons. I've tested this myself after getting the decals and applying a heat gun to it and peeling it up after a few days, and from what I can tell everything seems to be good - I made a video of peeling it up HERE!

If you have any problems though, please reach out with photos and I'll see what I can do.

Link to Application Instructions!